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 Presidents Message

January 2017

We kicked off 2017 with Ham Radio University and although the snow made for a smaller turnout, we all had a great time.

Our Winter Night Out with the GSBARC crew, along with YLs and friends, was yet another time to be together sharing great food and drinks. I hope you had a terrific time. Congratulations to all of the prize winners and thanks to the three lovely YLs -- Kristi KC2TMB, Jackie KD2EXN, and Emily -- they did a great job. Thank you also to the staff at La Famiglia for keeping the drinks and food coming: Everyone was stuffed! Thank you to my lovely wife for getting the door prizes that appealed to the other YLs at the dinner.

Winter is here so what do we do now? Let’s work on Field Day stuff! We have time to go over operational techniques and see what we can improve on. I know it’s still five months away but as we have seen in the past few years, the work parties have proven to be the key to a great Field Day weekend. I would like to thank the repeater crew most especially. They have been very busy working long hours on our updated system that will offer us all kinds of neat features.

The key to a great club is….YOU, the membership!! As we move forward, if you have any ideas or events you think we should consider please let us know. To see how much we have grown over the last 6 to 7 years is amazing. We have accomplished so many great things, from adding all that new equipment we have received to all the great events we do – from the American Air Power Museum to Field Day to the Fire Island Lighthouse – and all the public service events (Hope for the Warriors, the Suffolk County Marathon, the Babylon Village Fair). Our members are always ready too when needed for emergency communications during times of disasters. You should all be very proud of what you all do. It all counts and proves why we are what we are as a club today and for years to come.

John Melfi, W2HCB